Colorado Animal Tui-na

Tui-na, or Chinese Therapeutic Massage, was first practiced in China in 1600 BC. The formal name, Tui-Na-An-Mo is known by various names depending on the region in China and the techniques in popular use there.

Tui-na, as it is known in South China, refers to pushing and lifting techniques while in Northern China the term An-Mo is used to refer to acupressure, massage and other specialized techniques.

It is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) to enhance the effects of the other branches of acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat and prevent disease. Specifically, the techniques used can help balance the body’s energy by tonifying areas that are deficient and sedating areas that are in excess. Also, in TCVM, where there is pain in the body there is a blockage of Qi and blood circulation. Tui-na techniques unblock and improve circulation of Qui and blood and thereby reduce pain. They can also improve organ and immune system function.

In my practice, I use Tui-na three ways:

1. Prior to acupuncture I will do a short session to help soften and loosen the tissues.
2. I can do an entire session of just Tui-na. Some pets do not like the acupuncture needles but enjoy the Tui-na techniques.
3. I will also do acupuncture in one area of the body and Tui-na in another area or for another problem. Finally, many owners would like to be able to do more to hep their pets. The owner can be taught a few techniques appropriate to their pet’s conditon. These can be done daily at home in between appointments.
Colorado Animal Tui-na